interview or mission statement q's? idk

I think that is why I identify more with being a “Designer” vs an artist because I don’t think it comes effortlessly to me to just make something beautiful the way artists create. I have too much of a logical side to me to let myself be expressive in that way and that way alone. It needs to have an ultimate purpose for me to truly create my masterpiece...i think that is why I see things with a critical eye in a way that they can already be great but if there is something off about the design it can be reconsidered to maybe make it even more aesthetically pleasing/ideal. Obviously that type of thinking doesn’t apply to the everyday details of human interaction, but for the things that ARE tangible objects that are just man made THINGS, that is where it makes an impact for good. Some of my greatest inspiration has come from nature, which, always amazes me, because nature is a designer all on her own, not to get too spiritual or anything but really it is amazing if you think about it. So as a designer it is important to me to keep in mind that some things do not need further design. 

When it comes to humanity and nature I believe there are areas that should be untouchable. Sometimes it can feel disheartening living in LA and seeing so many people that are wearing the same thing, look the same way, talk the same way….it's so uninspiring to me. I’m always going to celebrate diversity, in both literal and figurative ways. So whenever I have these thoughts about everyone just being clones of each other and I stop and remind myself that this is just a small little bubble of the world, the universe, and actually sometimes it’s as easy as just exploring another neighborhood that you really need to go to see that there is always going to be copycats, but there also will always be those novelties that were the early adopter of said trend. That is who I want to design for, and maybe it isn’t as lucrative financially as say mass-market-fast fashion is...but it doesn’t move me to make the way that the unimaginable does.  

Laura Cone